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Matthew Kellen Burgos - Scripts

Here, you'll find the full production scripts of produced, commissioned or in-process scripts from Matthew Kellen Burgos.

After the Autumn

Produced by the La Canada-Flintridge Shakespeare Festival


  • New Play adapted from Shakespeare's MacBeth. 

  • Synopsis:  After a series of violent run-ins with a hospital staff, an army veteran  must learn to communicate his post-traumatic stress disorder to his psychiatrist or lose his freedom.  

Forest, Empty

Commissioned by Endstation Theater Company's Playwrights Initiative


  • New Play based on the life of the historical figure Ota Benga. 

  • Synopsis:  An academic attempts to put together the puzzle of the famous Congolese Pygmy's life through the stories and musings of those that surrounded him on his journey to the United States.  But history becomes distorted easily.  Will the truth come out, or will our storytellers fall victim to their own egos?


Commissioned by Vanguard Repertory Company


  • New Play inspired by Kristin Dombek's Essay - The Selfishness of Others and Homer's The Odyssey

  • Synopsis:  In a very near future, one man sets out to validate his own existence by destroying the "One Network."

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